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Glass splashback trends for your kitchen

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Glass splashbacks are a principal design feature for the contemporary kitchen.

Sleek and stylish, the clean lines of glass splashbacks make them the perfect choice, whether you’re going for minimalism, monochrome, urban chic, abstract or full-on glamour – all key interior looks for 2020.

And toughened glass splashbacks aren’t just a stylish option – they’re practical too, offering a more hygienic, safer and more durable alternative to traditional tiled kitchen splashbacks.

With an unlimited range of colours to choose from, you can even colour-match your painted glass splashbacks to your tea towels, should you be inclined!

Of course, cheaper alternatives to the high-end look of custom glass splashbacks are available, including acrylic splashbacks. However, be aware that acrylic options cannot offer the same levels of heat resistance or durability as toughened glass, and over time can be prone to warping, wilting or scratching.

So, which glass splashback trend should you go for in your kitchen? There are countless styles to choose from, but we’ve whittled it down to our top 5 favourites.

Glass splashbacks for monochrome kitchens

Monochrome kitchen design is all about the clean lines and striking contrast of a light and dark palette. The sleek and high-shine surfaces of glass splashbacks fit in perfectly with this classic look, reflecting light and creating a seamless transition between sleek high-gloss units and kitchen splashbacks.

Choose either white or black glass splashbacks to complement your monochrome kitchen, or mix it up a little with painted glass in an accent colour.

monochrome kitchen with white glass splashbacks and black units
White glass splashbacks for a monochrome kitchen

Glass splashbacks in neutral shades for a calming sanctuary

If the kitchen is your space to chill out, then using neutral colours in your palette can create a calm and relaxing environment.

Painted glass splashbacks in muted shades of brown, cream, green, grey or blue work well in a neutral kitchen.

We especially love this classic shade of café au lait paired with white kitchen units – très chic!

Modern kitchen with glass splashbacks for a neutral colour scheme
Glass splashbacks in café au lait

Go bold with strong colours

The reflective properties of glass splashbacks mean even with dark or bold colours, your kitchen can still benefit from lots of light.

So bold colours like dark red, bright blue or even fuchsia pink are all beautiful and effective options for your painted glass.

Glass splashbacks in bright red, blue and pink colour schemes
Kitchen splashbacks in bold colours

Brighten up your kitchen splashbacks with fresh and zesty colours

We can all be in need a little pick-me-up in the morning. Coming down to a kitchen with a pop of zesty colour could certainly help to wake you up!

These painted glass splashbacks in tasty limes, oranges and lemons look good enough to eat.

modern kitchens with painted glass splashbacks in lime, orange and yellow
Glass splashbacks in bright and zesty colours

Go white for a clean and bright kitchen

For clean and simple elegance, white splashbacks are the perfect choice.

Whether you’re matching white to white, or want to break up stronger colours or wood block with a pure white splashback, this is a look that oozes style in its simplicity.

Modern white kitchen with white glass splashbacks
White splashbacks look effective in white kitchens

Whatever look you decide to go for in your kitchen, glass splashbacks are a great choice.

Glass & Mirror Solutions can template, supply and fit quality painted glass splashbacks in an infinite range of colours.

Call our sales team today on 0191 375 8700 or email


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