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Swap your spindles to a glass staircase for an easy home transformation

They say that first impressions count and if that’s true then giving a hallway and staircase the wow factor will certainly impress visitors.

Glass staircase balustrades with oak handrail and posts in a modern home
A glass staircase balustrade can transform the look of your hallway

Like lots of interior design features, staircases have never been a real priority for people when considering their décor. However, in recent years, they have become a focal point and not just as a functional part of the house, but one that can add style, creating the appearance of more space, light, safety and much-needed longevity.

Glass staircases - a modern take on classic style

Wood has always traditionally been used in staircases with generic wooden balustrades a feature in homes up and down the country.

By incorporating a glass staircase balustrade into your home, you can create a real focal point for your downstairs living space and, more importantly, one that won’t date. If you have a dark, enclosed hall space or landing, adding a glass staircase can help drench the area in light and give the illusion of more space.

Before and after pictures of an old ranch-style staircase replaced with a frameless glass staircase balustrade
An old-fashioned ranch-style staircase is transformed with a frameless glass staircase balustrade

By swapping wooden balustrades for sleek glass ones, you can also create a glass staircase that’s unique to your home.

As well as looking more modern and reflecting light around your home, glass staircase balustrades are constructed from either toughened or toughened laminated glass, so adhere to the highest safety standards, giving peace of mind for the whole family. This toughened glass is also extremely hard-wearing, meaning your staircase will last for many years to come and still look fresh and modern.

Design options for your glass staircase

You may think glass could limit your design options when, in fact, glass staircases can be designed to any specification, to either suit your existing décor or give you a completely fresh, new look.

You may want to choose a frameless glass staircase or add bespoke touches, such as rose gold clamps - the possibilities are endless and will guarantee you can make a grand entrance (or departure!).

Find out more about glass staircases from Glass & Mirror Solutions here, or contact us to talk through your ideas or get a no-obligation quote.

You can also find lots of design inspiration in our online gallery, on our Facebook page, our Instagram or our Pinterest accounts.


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