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5 modern glass balcony ideas

A modern glass balcony from Glass & Mirror Solutions can completely transform the look of your home. Need inspiration? Here are 5 ideas for installing a balcony with WOW factor...

1. The Juliet balcony

Modern glass balcony ideas from Glass & Mirror Solutions

If you’re short of space, installing a balcony to open the room and allow light to flood in is an elegant (not to mention romantic!) design solution.

Whereas Juliet balconies are traditionally a set of railings across French doors, a modern glass balcony with a balustrade offers a stylish alternative.

Made from toughened or toughened laminated glass, installing a balcony balustrade is easily done and we have a range of modern glass styles to choose from.

2. Modern tinted glass balcony

Modern glass balcony ideas from Glass & Mirror Solutions

Installing a balcony with grey tinted or smoked toughened glass balustrades will add a contemporary, minimalist edge to your home.

What’s more, this modern glass balcony not only looks fantastic - it is also very practical. Compared to standard clear glass, the tinted glass offers privacy whilst still allowing light to transfer.

If you want a brighter look, sandblasted or frosted glass also provides the same levels of privacy.

3. Installing a balcony with a glass floor

Modern glass balcony ideas from Glass & Mirror Solutions

If you want a truly modern glass balcony, then a glass floor is the way to go!

Constructed in the strongest toughened laminated glass for maximum safety, our glass floors are available in a range of finishes, including sandblasted, clear, textured and painted glass.

Strong, durable and hard-wearing, it would be a beautiful addition to your home or business premises. In this particular example, the modern glass balcony floor contrasts beautifully with the solid timber frame.

4. Painted glass

Modern glass balcony ideas from Glass & Mirror Solutions

How about giving your balcony a POP of colour?

With the natural light-reflecting properties of glass and a limitless choice of colours, painted glass panels and balustrades are a quick and effective way to add a big visual impact and create a stunning modern glass balcony.

5. Don’t forget the details

Modern glass balcony ideas from Glass & Mirror Solutions

For a bespoke look and feel, the handrails, fixtures and fittings are worth considering when installing a balcony.

Whether you want polished steel, rustic timber or frameless minimalism, Glass & Mirror Solutions provide a range of handrails, fixtures and fittings so you can be sure to get the modern glass balcony you dreamed of – right down to the last detail.

Modern glass balconies from Glass & Mirror Solutions

We can survey, template, supply and install glass balconies to any specification and in a wide range of styles.

To find out more and get no-obligation quote, get in touch today.

If you require an instant quote for glass panels, use our online glass price calculator.


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