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Glass garden rooms: the new UK home design trend

Glass garden rooms are the latest trend in UK home design, offering a unique and stylish way to transform your outdoor living space into a beautiful and tranquil retreat.

Installing a glass-walled garden room in the UK will allow you relax and entertain outdoors whatever the weather!

With lots of stunning design options, our stunning garden rooms are the perfect way to add flexible living space to your home without compromising the size of your garden.

UK glass garden rooms

Flexible modular design

When it comes to the design, the lightweight and attractive aluminium structure offers a high degree of flexibility.

The intelligent design of the connectors allows your glass garden room to be designed completely bespoke to your home. Very few supports are required to span large areas – indeed, a glass garden room with only two vertical supports can span up to 7 metres, with a projection of up to 6 metres.

This simple two-post design will give you uninterrupted views across your outdoor space and if you require a larger structure then the design can easily incorporate multiple vertical supports – with spectacular results!

What’s more, if you would like a dual aspect across your outdoor space then our flexible glass garden rooms can be designed to fit around corners.

Optional extras

The flexible design of glass garden rooms allows many variations to suit your needs.

As standard, all rafters come with integrated channels for fitting lighting and discreetly attaching motorised awnings, meaning you can choose the options you want to create a unique and stylish glass garden room.

These additional options include:

Integrated electric roof blinds

Sometimes there can be too much light! Integrated electric roof blinds can be added to provide your terrace with much-needed shade, with zip technology eliminating the light gap between the guide rail and the fabric.

An extensive range of accessories is available, including:

· Lighting rails

· Heating elements

· Wireless motors with sensors for sun, rain and wind

A wide range of colour options are also available, giving you total design control.

Sliding glass doors

Versatile all-glass doors provide wind and weather protection for your glass garden room, protecting you from the elements while you still enjoy the view – crucial for the UK weather!

Flush-mounted floor tracks provide seamless transition to the outside, whilst the stainless-steel running mechanism ensures that all-important glide.

Vertical awnings and blinds

Vertical awnings tick so many boxes: perfect as a privacy screen, for shade when the sun is low or as a barrier against a gentle breeze!

Awnings and blinds can be retracted quickly and easily and can even been removed for the winter months.

They are available in a variety of UV blocking fabrics and patterns, and are dirt and water repellent.

Safe and durable

The aluminium structure not only looks sleek and attractive, it also extremely stable and long lasting.

Our glass garden rooms are constructed in either toughened or toughened laminated glass, providing design flexibility while meeting the highest safety standards.

Whilst meeting the highest UK safety standards, our glass garden rooms are also easy to clean and will stay looking good for years to come.

UK glass garden rooms: get in touch today

Whether you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your garden or simply want to enjoy some peace and quiet, our glass garden rooms are a great way to enjoy the UK outdoors!

To find out more, download the glass garden rooms brochure or contact our Durham sales team for a no-obligation quote.


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