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Mirrored glass cut to size: 5 stunning examples

Having mirrored glass cut to size is the perfect way to get a beautiful bespoke mirror for your home or commercial premises. Here are 5 examples of stunning made to measure mirrors:

1. Mirrored glass splashbacks

If you combined practicality with style, the result would definitely be these beautiful mirrored glass splashbacks!

With the mirrored glass cut to size, the splashbacks fit the kitchen perfectly and the smoked glass gives them a stunning vintage effect.

Our splashbacks will give your kitchen the chicest of makeovers - and these made to measure mirrored glass splashbacks prove it.

2. Mirrored alcoves

Not sure what to do with some alcoves? Install made to measure mirrors and you can transform them into an eye catching design feature.

By using our online calculator you can get an instant quote for mirrored glass cut to size and order mirrored panels that fit the space exactly.

You can also choose from a range of finishes, allowing you to match your mirrors to your décor.

3. Bespoke bathroom mirrors

A made to measure mirror will give your bathroom an instant facelift. Available a range of styles, including smoked glass and antique finishes, you can choose a mirror that suits your bathroom’s aesthetic.

What’s more, you can add your choice of lighting and edging options to complete your unique and beautiful custom mirror.

Go to our online calculator where you can select mirrored glass cut to size in any shape or size you require.

4. Mirrored walls

If you have a small bedroom or a gloomy bathroom, a floor to ceiling mirror is a fantastic way of making the space appear bigger and brighter than it is.

Our cut to size mirrored glass panels can be ordered in any size and in a range of finishes, and our experiences team can supply and install them.

Contact us today for a no obligation quote.

5. Something special

Versatile and attractive, mirrored glass is the ideal option if you wish to add a unique feature to your home or business.

Glass & Mirror Solutions can supply and install mirror glass cut to size in non-standard sizes, with a range of finishes, lighting and edging options to choose from.

From mirror panelling to mirrored ceilings, our made to measure mirrors are the perfect design solution!

Order your mirrored glass cut to size today

Go to our online calculator for an instant online quote, or alternatively get in touch for a no-obligation quote.


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