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Window pane mirrors: Why we love the look of custom black panel mirrors

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Glass & Mirror Solutions can supply custom window pane mirrors

When designing your home's interior decor, using mirrors is a great way to reflect light, making rooms feel bigger and more spacious. Window pane mirrors have been popular for garden décor for a couple of years, but now people are bringing these custom panel mirrors indoors to create a real style statement.

Here at Glass & Mirror Solutions, we have been inundated with requests from customers wanting to create bespoke custom window pane mirrors for different rooms of the house. Whether it be creating a feature wall in a hall or adding a unique mirrored element to complement a bathroom, window pane mirrors are proving a versatile way to update any room in the house (as well as the garden!).

Custom window pane mirrors for any room

Space needn’t be an issue; many people think that window pane mirrors have to be huge in order to make an impact and it’s true that many for sale at high street retailers are only available on a large scale.

However, sourcing a custom-made window pane mirror means you can fit the trend into your interior design whatever the size of your space, with the same aesthetic effect and added light-boosting benefits.

You may have seen the window pane glass in shower doors but aren’t ready to update your bathroom – why not add a custom window pane mirror for an easy way to incorporate the trend?

Particularly effective in dining spaces above fireplaces and sideboards, a custom window pane mirror adds a luxurious element to any room and creates a real talking point and definite room envy.

As leading glass suppliers, we offer all kinds of custom mirror designs. So whether it's a window pane mirror for your hallway, a tinted mirror splashback for the kitchen or a made-to-measure wall mirror for the bathroom that you're after, it’s worth having a chat with our team.

Get in touch with our Durham sales team to see how a custom made mirror can be created exactly to your specifications.


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