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Glass balustrades: What are the main benefits of glass balustrades for stairs?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Frameless glass balustrade for stairs
Frameless glass balustrades are perfect for stairs with a minimalistic style

Glass balustrades are a beautiful design feature that are now more popular and more accessible to home owners than ever.

As a contemporary alternative to traditional wooden spindles or rails, glass balustrades are a great option that makes for an eye-catching design statement.

But what are the benefits to updating your staircase with glass balustrades? Here are our top 5.

1: Glass balustrades are a modern and aspirational design feature

As with most design features in a home, the number one reason the majority of our clients opt for glass balustrades is for the way they look. And it's no wonder. Glass staircases are a beautiful, contemporary and sleek design choice that have become the 'must-have' feature for aspirational homes.

One of the greatest visual impacts that comes from installing glass balustrades is the flood of light that is able to flow through a home. Glass stairs will open the space right up, giving the visual impression of a bigger, lighter area. This can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a hallway.

2: Glass balustrades are the safest option for stairs

In the past, a few of our clients have been concerned about sacrificing safety for style when installing glass balustrades. This couldn't be further from the truth.

As a minimum, glass balustrades will always be made of 10mm toughened glass. This can vary depending on the specific design and loading requirements involved - for example, frameless and semi-frameless designs may require us to use laminated toughened glass instead.

Toughened glass has undergone a process called tempering, which involves heating it up to 680°C before rapidly cooling it. This creates tension in the glass which, as well as making it up to four times stronger, also means that in the unlikely event it does break, it will crumble into safer pebbles rather than dangerous shards.

Laminated glass is formed by sandwiching a thin, transparent layer of plastic between two sheets of glass (which can be toughened or non-toughened, depending on requirements). In the event that one of the glass panels breaks, the safety glass remains stuck to the interlayer, meaning it stays in place, so preventing any injuries.

Whatever your staircase design, make sure you entrust the supply and installation to a reputable glass supplier, who will ensure all the regulations laid out in Building Standard 6180: 2011 are adhered to.

3. Glass balustrades are available in a range of styles to suit any decor

Think glass balustrades are only for uber-sleek and modern homes? Think again. The beauty of glass is that it is so unobtrusive, it can fit seamlessly into any interior design style.

The owners of this beautiful rustic home paired glass balustrades with a gorgeous oak banister and posts for a truly stunning design feature:

4. Glass balustrades are easy to clean and maintain

Toughened glass doesn't scratch or degrade like other materials can, so a quick polish with a lint-free cloth and standard commercial glass cleaner every so often is all it takes to keep your glass balustrades looking as good as new for years.

5. Maximum impact with minimum disruption

Swapping your stairs' wooden spindles or rails for glass panels couldn't be easier. One of our most popular installations involves removing the spindles, leaving the old wooden banister and newel posts in place, and simply fitting the new glass panels in their place.

This is a quick and painless installation, but one which can completely transform the look of your stairs and hallway.

If you're ready to upgrade your staircase with glass balustrades, and want a reputable and reliable glass supplier to make your plans a reality, give our Durham glass sales team a call on 0191 3758700, or email


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