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Glass balustrades for stairs: Before and after replacing ranch-style stairs with a modern solution

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Glass balustrades are used in a wide range of projects, but one of the most in-demand installations we have seen recently at Glass & Mirror Solutions is to replace traditional wooden stair spindles with a glass balustrade for a more contemporary style.

If you are thinking of updating your staircase, a glazed balustrade is a great solution that causes minimal disruption for maximum design impact.

One of our recent installations was a perfect example of the sleek and contemporary look that can be achieved by simply upgrading to a glass balustrade for your stairs.

Before and after replacing a ranch-style staircase with a modern glass banister balustrade

Ranch-style staircase modernised with frameless glass balustrade

Ranch-style staircases were the height of fashion back in the 1970s, and many homes from that era still feature them.

Many homeowners feel that not only do ranch rail balustrades date their homes, they also create very dark and gloomy stairs, as the solid rails block much of the available light.

Our client wanted to inject their home décor with a fresher, more modern style, so got in touch with our Durham sales team to arrange a quote.

We worked out an estimate price based on the homeowner’s measurements, then arranged a visit for a precise survey for the job.

Glass balustrades for stairs are constructed in toughened, or tempered, glass, which can only be cut to size before it goes through the tempering process. So our measurements have to be exact, as once the glass is on site, it’s too late to re-cut it.

Design options for glass balustrades

Our glazed balustrade systems are available in a range of styles, including frameless glass, stainless steel and glass, and oak and glass balustrades. We can supply new rails and posts, or remove spindles and install glass panels in their place, fixing to the existing staircase banister and framework.

Glass banisters and balustrades by Glass & Mirror Solutions

The choice comes purely down to personal preference, as all styles are equally suited to domestic settings.

Our client in this case opted to replace the stair rails with a frameless glass balustrade, maximising the light that would flow up the staircase and creating a sleek and streamlined look.

The frameless balustrade was secured with glass face-fixed standoff fixings in a satin chrome finish for a truly contemporary and minimalist style.

The whole installation, from removing the original banister and rails to polishing the finished article, took less than an afternoon to complete.

Our client was thrilled with the results, which, we’re sure you’ll agree, are a massive improvement!

More before and after examples

Before and after photos of traditional spindles in a wooden banister replaced with a glass balustrade

This client swapped their standard wooden spindles for a beautiful glass balustrade, retaining the existing wood banister and framework.

Original wooden banister used for new glass balustrade

If you have a similar project in mind for your home, get in touch with the Glass & Mirror Solutions team on 0191 3758700 or email

We also have a number of styles and samples on display in our Durham showroom – call in any time between 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.


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