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Modern kitchen splashbacks: Why glass splashbacks are a better choice than tiles

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Modern kitchen splashbacks in bright blue, supplied and fitted by Glass & Mirror Solutions

Kitchen splashbacks used to be all about function and never was a name more apt – they were chosen quite literally to protect walls from cooking splashes. Now a modern kitchen splashback is as crucial a design decision as the kitchen units themselves and in fact many people design their whole kitchen around a statement splashback.

The choice of splashbacks is endless and often the purpose of a modern kitchen splashback is forgotten as people can be blinded by style over substance – and by substance we mean oil and cooking spills all over your wall!

Choosing a toughened glass splashback not only allows you to create a bold style statement that is unique to you and your kitchen, it also means you get a functional, practical splashback that protects walls and is easy to clean.

Why choose toughened glass for your kitchen splashback?

At Glass & Mirror Solutions we understand that choosing a new kitchen or updating a kitchen can be one of the biggest and most expensive interior design choices you will make in your home. We therefore are able to provide an unlimited array of colours that can be cut to your specifications and the 6mm thick glass will be seamlessly fitted into your kitchen.

By choosing toughened glass, whatever colour you decide will create the illusion of space by bouncing light back into the room. If you are looking for a design element to create a wow-factor then a glass kitchen splashback is also a cost-effective choice as they are hard-wearing and durable too.

Grout lines in tiles can be a haven for bacteria and mould

As well as hundreds of colourways and prints to choose from, perhaps the best practical reason for opting for a toughened glass splashback over tiles is that there are no crevices or joins in the glass, which means no mould or hard-to-remove stains ground in. They are hygienic and easy to clean and will also stand up to the chemical effects of cleaners (although, you can clean a glass splashback with a cloth and soapy water).

What’s more, toughened glass will stand up to intense heat generated while cooking with no warping or fading.

This past 18 months have seen our kitchens used more than ever before, with them being used to prepare almost every meal – that’s a lot of cooking and toughened glass splashbacks can stand the test of time.

So, whether you opt for traditional kitchen colourways of black, white or grey or fancy going bolder with 2021 trends of jewel tones like green and red, make sure you choose a modern kitchen splashback that screams practicality as well as style.

You can find more design inspiration in our online gallery or, for a no-obligation quote, give our design team a ring on 0191 375 8700 or email


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