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Glass partitions: elevating your living space

Glass partition walls might not seem an obvious choice for a home redesign, often more associated with offices and commercial spaces. Here at Glass & Mirror Solutions, however, we think glass partitions in the home are a match made in heaven…

Let there be light

It stands to reason that the more glass you have, the lighter the space. By partitioning rooms with glass rather than bricks and mortar you flood them with light - be it from the internal lighting of your home, or natural light from outside.

Needless to say, summer months with those long days is when glass partitions really come into their own, your home full of natural light for hours.

Stylish efficiency

This abundance of light can have a knock-on effect on your energy bills, as you use fewer electrical appliances to keep rooms lit – if any at all – making glass partition walls a surprisingly economic option for your home.

Open plan privacy

Whether it’s a home office, a play room for the kids, or simply somewhere to get away from it all, separate spaces are often needed in the home.

Glass partition walls allow you to create distinct private spaces without sacrificing the light, flow and togetherness of open plan living. The best of both worlds!

A versatile design solution

One of the many benefits of glass partition walls is that they can be used anywhere in the home where a separate space is required.

Our reinforced glass panels are perfect for the bathroom, for example, where a partition wall can create a stylish wet room.

Similarly, glass partition walls create bright and airy home offices and gyms.

Glass partitioning to suit you

Like all glass solutions, partitions are available with a variety of finishes, doors and framing options, allowing you to customise them to achieve the look you want and the particular needs of your home.

When space is limited, then sliding glass doors offer a stylish solution and are available in a wide range of styles and aperture sizes.

Sandblasted glass can provide additional privacy for wet rooms or offices without blocking light. Switchable smart glass partitioning and glass partitions with integral blinds are also an option if more privacy is required.

Frames can be chosen for a particular effect too. Steel-framed partitions scream industrial chic, whereas frameless glass partitions allow for sleek, uninterrupted sightlines.

Installing glass partitions in your home

Glass & Mirror Solutions can supply and fit custom glass partitions and doors to meet your specifications.

Whatever the size and shape of the space, our skilled team will measure and install your glass partitions with minimal disruption and to the highest possible standard.

Our wide range of glass finishes, fittings, doors and framing options mean that your partition walls can be custom designed to meet your requirements.

If you would like glass partition walls and doors in your home, get in touch today for a no-obligation quote.


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