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What you need to know before ordering internal glass panel doors

Internal doors with glass panels in black steel frames
Internal doors with glass panels are a superb design option to open up your living space

There really is nothing better than light flooding into a room and sometimes in order to achieve that we have to be creative in our interior design.

Introducing internal doors with glass panels to your living space will help you to not only open up small spaces, but will allow light to bounce through the room and through your connecting living areas, giving the impression of space and open-plan living while still keeping rooms entirely separate.

As well as creating a wonderfully bright atmosphere, internal doors add a cool, modern twist to any interior and there are so many different style options to choose from.

Should I choose wood or metal frames for internal glass doors?

Of course, glass doors with traditional wood frames will always be a popular choice, you can now opt for metal frames for more of a wow factor and on-trend look.

Sleek black framed internal doors with glass panels are really of the moment, but with their industrial feel and classic looks, they will stand the test of time and complement most styles and different sized homes.

You could even consider frameless doors to really let the light in.

Are internal doors with glass panels safe?

Some people may be put off internal doors with glass panels because they feel they’re a safety hazard; this is a fallacy. Reputable glass suppliers like Glass & Mirror Solutions will only ever use safety glass in internal doors with glass panels, ensuring added safety and sound proofing.

Safety glass includes toughened, laminated and toughened-laminated glass. The purpose of the doors will dictate which type is suitable for your project but, generally speaking, toughened glass will be used for most internal glass doors. This type of glass is four to five times stronger than standard annealed glass and, in the unlikely event that a panel is broken, the glass will crumble to harmless pebbles rather than sharp shards.

Using privacy glass in internal doors

A sliding bathroom door in obscured glass
Obscured glass doors are ideal for bathrooms

You may also want to maximise the light but keep some areas still semi-private. Sand-blasted panels can do this while still keeping the mood-lifting effect of light.

Obscured glass, whether frosted, tinted or one-way, is perfect for bathroom doors, where the smaller space can benefit from added light flowing through.

Whatever style of internal glass door you're interested in, Glass & Mirror Solutions can help. Find more design inspiration in our online gallery, or get in touch to talk through your design ideas or get a no-obligation quote.


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