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Mirrored splashbacks: the must-have for a "luxe" kitchen

Mirrored splashbacks are so on trend and just the thing to give your kitchen a glow up. We take a look at these stunning design solutions…

The year of Limitless Luxe

One of 2022’s hottest design trends, “Limitless Luxe” is all about bringing opulence to every corner of your home, with sensual design that screams extravagance.

Glass and mirrors can help you achieve this high end look, giving you options for every room and every budget. From bespoke wall mirrors to spa-style bathrooms, they add luxury to any space, however big or small.

Often the heart of the home, kitchens are the perfect candidates for a luxe-makeover. But how do you inject glamour into such a utilitarian space? Two words: mirrored splashbacks.

Luxury where you least expect it

Reflecting light whilst increasing the sense of space, mirrored splashbacks take a functional solution (i.e wipeable splashbacks that are hygienic and protect your walls) and turn it into something utterly gorgeous - exactly what Limitless Luxe is all about!

A choice of mirrors and finishes

Like all of our glass products, our custom made mirrored splashbacks come in a range of options to compliment that luxe aesthetic.

A fan of the vintage look? An antique finish will give your kitchen some old school glamour.

If you want minimalist and modern, then bronze, black or silver mirrors will look simply stunning, whereas tinted mirrors offer a more subtle nod to all things bling.

Mirrored splashbacks tend to not be made of toughened glass, as the glass tempering process distorts reflections. If you want the sheen of a mirrored splashback but with the extra practicality of toughened glass, black painted glass splashbacks offer a mirror-like effect with the added benefits of increased heat and scratch resistance.

Both mirrored and toughened glass splashbacks from Glass & Mirror Solutions are custom made to suit your kitchen.

Hygienic and easy to clean

Whilst mirrored and painted glass splashbacks are without doubt a stunning design feature, they are also highly practical.

Tiling and laminates have traditionally been used in splashback areas, however stains are often difficult to remove from the grouting between the tiles, with unsightly and unhygienic results.

Our glass splashbacks, on the other hand, have no crevices or joins, which means they can be cleaned quickly and easily, keeping their star quality for as long as you need them.

Want to give your kitchen a luxury makeover? Mirrored splashbacks are the answer. Get in touch today for a no obligation quote.


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