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Ordering glass staircase balustrading: what to consider

When ordering glass staircase balustrading from Glass & Mirror Solutions there are several things you should consider so that the final product meets your needs. Here are some tips on getting it right:

Balustrade design

Probably the biggest consideration of them all! Your glass staircase balustrading will become a focal point of your home, so you should take some time to decide the right style and design for you. 

Luckily, as with all of our glass products, staircase balustrading from Glass & Mirror Solutions come in a range of options for you to choose from – whether it’s frameless minimalism, eye-catching painted glass or something else entirely, there will be a design to suit to you.

Go to our online gallery for inspiration, or get in touch for no-obligation consultation.

Glass staircase balustrading from Glass & Mirror Solutions

Regulations and building codes

Your design will have to comply with local building codes and regulations, which may specify height requirements, spacing of balusters, and other safety considerations.

With over 25 years in the business, Glass & Mirror Solutions has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your glass staircase balustrading adheres to all building requirements.

Safety standards

It is always important to check the safety certification of any glass product, in order to prevent injuries in case of breakage.

Our glass staircase balustrading is constructed in either toughened or toughened laminated glass, meeting the highest safety standards.

Glass staircase balustrading from Glass & Mirror Solutions

Type of glass

The type of glass used for your staircase balustrade is crucial to achieving the look you want, and with so many different types of glass to choose from it all comes down to your design preferences and privacy needs.

Our online gallery is full of stunning examples of glass balustrading – take a look to see what inspires you.

Hardware, fittings and handrails

Glass & Mirror Solutions supplies high-quality and durable glass balustrade fittings and fixtures in a wide range of styles, including brackets, clamps, and handrail supports.

Handrails add both safety and aesthetic value to the staircase, so if you decide you want one you must consider the material, style, and design.

Glass staircase balustrading from Glass & Mirror Solutions


As with any home design project, it is important to determine your budget before you begin. Balustrade costs can vary based on materials, design complexity, and installation requirements.

You can get an instant quote for your glass with our online price calculator, which allows you to select the shape, size and any cutouts you require, then choose from a range of thicknesses and finishes, including toughened, tinted and mirrored glass.

Alternatively, speak to our professional team for a no-obligation quote for your glass balustrading project.

Supplier reputation

Choosing the right glass supplier goes a long way towards making sure your project is successful and stress-free.

A reputable supplier will have a history of providing quality products, the right certifications and will be recommended through good reviews and word of mouth.

As one of the North East’s leading glass suppliers, Glass & Mirror Solutions has built up a reputation of excellence. All our work is fully guaranteed, providing complete peace of mind for all our customers.

“Glass & Mirror Solutions fitted our glass balustrade, a statement piece highly commented upon by all our visitors. They strive to provide the best possible service and are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction. I would not hesitate to recommend this business.” - Mr N Gray

Choose glass staircase balustrading from Glass & Mirror Solutions

By carefully considering these factors, you will decide on the right glass balustrade for you.

With our professional service and high quality products, Glass & Mirror Solutions can make your home design ideas a reality - get in touch today for a no-obligation quote.


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