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Why curved glass balustrades are a popular design option

Curved glass balustrades are an increasingly popular design option for staircases, mezzanines, balconies and other raised spaces. Not only do they look sleek and contemporary, but they also provide a number of practical benefits that make them a great choice for many homes and businesses.

Here are five reasons why you should consider installing a curved glass balustrade:

1. Improved visibility

Curved glass balustrades from Glass & Mirror Solutions

Curved glass balustrades provide an unobstructed view of the area they are protecting, making them ideal for balconies, staircases, and other areas that need to be secure while still allowing for ample visibility and lots of light to flow through.

2. Enhanced safety

Curved glass balustrades from Glass & Mirror Solutions

An attractive curved glass balustrade will serve the dual purpose of creating an interesting design feature whilst providing a secure barrier to protect against falls and other potential hazards.

What’s more, as curved glass balustrades don’t have any sharp edges they are far less likely to cause injury compared traditional balustrades.

Glass & Mirror Solutions can template, supply and install custom glass balustrading, ensuring the highest safety standards are met.

3. Durability

Curved glass balustrades from Glass & Mirror Solutions

Constructed in either toughened or toughened laminated glass, curved glass balustrades for Glass & Mirror Solutions are incredibly strong and durable, meaning they can withstand the elements and are unlikely to need replacing for many years.

4. Easy to clean

Curved glass balustrades from Glass & Mirror Solutions

The smooth surface of curved glass balustrades makes them incredibly easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they remain looking their best all year round.

Infact, we have our own smear-free spray on-wipe off cleaner that will get your glass and mirrored surfaces sparkling. Just £5 a bottle, collected in-store – get in touch to order!

5. Versatility

Curved glass balustrades from Glass & Mirror Solutions

Curved glass balustrades can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them a great option for any space that needs to be secured while still looking stylish.

We can measure, supply and fit balustrades, fittings and fixtures to any specification and in a wide range of styles, including painted glass and frameless options.

Curved glass balustrades from Glass & Mirror Solutions

If you’re looking for a modern and stylish way to secure your staircase, mezzanine, balcony or other raised space, then a curved glass balustrade is definitely something you should consider.

Offering improved visibility, enhanced safety, durability, easy cleaning, and versatility, it’s easy to see why this type of balustrade is an ideal design option – and they look incredible too!

With 25 years’ experience installing glass design solutions, Glass & Mirror Solutions can design, supply and install your curved balustrade to the highest standards. Get in touch today for a no-obligation quote.


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