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Revamp your office space with glass partitioning

Updated: May 1, 2020

modern office with black-framed glass partitions
Glass partitions have transformed the modern workplace

Is your office a productive and effective workspace?

Thanks to glass partitions, the modern office has become an open, airy, collaborative and – most importantly – flexible space.

The benefits of open-plan offices are well established, encouraging interaction and collaboration. But in recent years, many employers have also come to realise that fully open-plan spaces can be prohibitive to productivity, with some workers finding it hard to focus without the respite of a quiet space.

Private discussions become near impossible, while constructive group meetings are nothing but a noisy distraction to anyone not directly involved in them.

This is exactly why glass partitioning has become firmly established as the office layout solution of choice.

The best glass partitions for your office

All glass partitions have one thing in common – they allow light to flow freely, increasing workers’ sense of space and overall wellbeing.

Constructed in either toughened laminated or toughened glass, they are a safe and durable design solution that will look good for years to come.

Beyond that, there are so many different styles and features to choose from for modern glass partitioning; whatever your office design scheme, there will be a glass partition to suit and enhance it.

Just a few options to consider include:

  • Black-framed partitions: Offering an industrial-chic look, black-framed glass partitions are one of the most popular and on-trend styles of 2020. A thin steel or aluminium framework is bonded to the partition to create the illusion of smaller glass panels, without compromising acoustic integrity. Glass can also be frosted or sandblasted in sections to provide privacy or simply for an attractive feature.

modern office with black steel-framed glass partitions
Black-framed glass partitions create an industrial chic style

  • Frameless glass partitions: For a truly sleek and streamlined look, frameless partitions are a great choice. Minimising visible hardware while maximising visible range means frameless glass partitions are the closest you can get to the appearance of a true open-plan layout. As with all glass partitions, aesthetic additions such as corporate colours or logos can also be added.

modern office with frameless glass partitions
Frameless glass partitions offer a streamlined look

glass partitions with switchable smart glass
Switchable glass provides optional privacy
  • Glass partitions with optional privacy: The development of switchable glass means glass office walls can change from transparent to opaque at the flick of a switch. This specialist glass has a translucent LCD film sandwiched between clear layers of glass, allowing light but not visibility. When an electric current is passed through it, the LCD film becomes transparent. Switchable glass partitions are ideal for providing flexible privacy as and when required.

  • A more cost-effective approach to flexible privacy is glass partitioning with integral blinds. As well as offering privacy when needed, blinds can also reduce glare from the sun or dim the light for presentations etc. And, being sandwiched between panes of glass, integral blinds never gather dust, so require minimal maintenance.

modern office with integral blinds in glass wall partitions
Integral blinds in glass office walls

Whichever style of office glass partitioning you choose, Glass & Mirror Solutions can carry out the templating, supply and installation. Get in touch to talk through your ideas and start planning your office revamp project today.


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