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Why a glass floor installation should be your next design project

A glass floor installation will add guaranteed WOW factor to your home or commercial space. Read on to find out more…

Why a glass floor installation should be your next design project

A truly modern design feature

If you dream of a design feature that is beautiful, modern and innovative, then look no further than glass flooring.

Perhaps more associated with offices and public buildings, glass floors in houses are just as effective and they work well in outdoor spaces too.

Transform your indoor spaces

Like glass partition walls, a glass floor will transform a space by allowing light to flow from one room to another – in the case of a glass floor, the room below and the room above.

In addition to making spaces appear lighter and brighter, installing glass floors in houses, offices and businesses will make rooms appear larger and more spacious, particularly rooms that previously had little in the way of natural light, such as staircases and landings.

A stunning external design solution

There are many practical uses of glass flooring outdoors. Glass decking and glass balconies, for example, will allow light to move onto lower-level patios or other areas within your outdoor space.

Custom-made glass floor installations

A glass floor installation by Glass & Mirror Solutions is custom-made, so whether your space is small or large, we can design your glass floor in the shape and size you need.

Our team of glass experts will survey, template, supply and install your glass floor to ensure perfect results.

Available in a range of finishes

All glass products from Glass & Mirror Solutions are available in a range of finishes to meet your requirements.

For example, glass floors can be made with either transparent or translucent glass, depending on how much privacy you need.   

Similarly, you can also choose from sandblasted, clear, textured and painted glass.

Highest safety standards

Our glass floor installations are constructed in the strongest toughened laminated glass for maximum safety, with most glass floor panels finished with an anti-slip grit pattern to minimise the risk of falling.

Durable and hard-wearing

Glass is a robust and hard-wearing material that is easy to clean and will hold up well to regular wear and tear.  Most glass floors are also finished with a ceramic treatment to prevent scratching.

Whether they are in houses, offices or outside, glass floor installations will stay looking good for many years to come.

Energy efficient

By maximising natural light and by ‘sharing’ light between rooms, glass floors can help reduce your reliance on artificial indoor lighting and thus reduce your electricity bills.

Furthermore, as glass is an effective insulator, your glass flooring will help conserve the heat within the rooms of a building.

Order your glass floor installation from Glass & Mirror Solutions

Glass & Mirror Solutions have been supplying and installing glass to domestic and commercial clients for more than 25 years.

We will work with you to create your custom glass flooring, from the initial design concept, through to the final install.

Call us today to take the first step towards making your ideas a reality.


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