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5 ways specialist glass can help your business stand out from the crowd

Specialist glass is versatile, safe and durable, making it the ideal material to use in commercial spaces. Here are five ways a specialist glass design project could be just what your business needs:

1. Give it some front

Although online retail has boomed in recent years (particularly because of the pandemic), many businesses still see the value of a physical retail space.

Whether you are based on the high street or a mall, nothing will give your business kerb appeal like a stunning shop front.

From vintage charm to high-end glamour, front windows are the perfect way to not only display your products but also embody your aesthetic.

Specialist glass panels can be made to order, with or without frames depending on the look you are after. You can then choose from a range of finishes to give them that final touch – see below for some inspiration.

If a display window is not possible then a front door glazed with specialist glass will give customers and clients the welcome they deserve.

In addition to specialist glass finishes and frameless options, you can go for custom branding to get your business name and logo noticed.

With an almost endless array of hardware to choose from, you can make sure your aesthetic is followed to the tiniest detail - from handles, to finger plates and push bars.

2. Floor them

Nothing gives a space the WOW factor quite like a specialist glass floor, staircase or walkway, making your customers and clients feel like they are walking on air!

Like all glass products, the panels come in a range of finishes, including sandblasted, clear, textured and painted glass, meaning that in addition to being extremely practical they can be absolutely stunning too.

Structural elements can also be chosen to compliment design – for example, minimalist frames will increase the amount of light and flow, whereas bold steel frames are the epitome of industrial chic.

If your staircase, floor or walkway requires a balustrade then this too can be designed with both practicality and aesthetic in mind: curved glass, for example, transforms your balustrade into an eye-catching design feature.

You can complete the look with a range of fixtures and fittings to choose from and under-panel lighting is also something to consider.

Surveyed, templated, supplied and installed to ensure perfect results, a specialist glass floor can be customised to suit your aesthetic down to the ground (pun intended).

3. On reflection…

As we looked at last month, mirrored ceilings are all the rage in commercial spaces, but this isn’t the only way that mirrors can bring the style to your office, salon or shop.

As versatile as any other specialist glass product, mirrors can be used for a range of design solutions.

By reflecting light, mirrors are a handy fix if you have a space that you wish to appear larger, or that has little in the way of natural light. Supplied and installed to fit any size, they are a fantastic addition to alcoves, using what would otherwise be wasted space to make the room seem bigger and brighter.

Often needed in non-standard sizes in comparison to their domestic counterparts, commercial mirrors are available in any size required. This makes them ideal for gyms and dance studios where space is at a premium but the reflective surface required is at a maximum: floor to ceiling mirrored panels offer uninterrupted sightlines without compromising floor space.

The beauty of mirrors is also the fact that a little can go a long way. Add reflective specialist glass to unexpected places and you can elevate your premises: mirrored splashbacks in restrooms, for example, give them an instant dash of glamour, whilst even the smallest addition of mirror panelling on columns and seating areas gives them that perfect finishing touch.

4. All on display

Far from being boring, bulky and bland, specialist glass shelving is dream décor!

Incredibly versatile, glass shelves can be anything you want them to be. Need the display to be the focal point? Your shelving can be designed to be low-key and minimalist.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of all of the different types of specialist glass available and make your shelving a design feature in itself. With so many finishes available, you really are spoiled for choice!

Choice is also the name of the game when it comes to mounting your shelves, with brackets to suit every style of décor, whereas floating shelves offer a discreet and practical alternative.

Made from toughened specialist glass, shelves have a high break point and can withstand extreme temperatures, making them a safe and reliable storage solution for almost any commercial space.

5. A glass above the rest

If you want your design project to be a real showstopper then look no further than specialist glass.

A very versatile material, it is available in a range of colours and finishes, each offering their own unique benefits.

Tinted glass, for instance, has less opacity than standard clear glass but still allows light to transfer. Offering a degree of privacy without compromising on transparency, it is ideal for balustrades, floors and partitions. Tinted glass is available in blue, green and bronze, however grey/smoked is the most popular option.

Where full privacy is required then frosted or sandblasted glass has an opaque surface that allows light to flow through it. It looks gorgeous too!

Of course, if you want a real pop of colour, then painted specialist glass is the answer. Available in an endless array of shades, painted glass available toughened and non-toughened and can be used in a wide range of applications, including wall panels, glass shelves, glass furniture, display units, spandrels and glass facade cladding.

Inspired? Make your specialist glass design project a reality

Glass & Mirror Solutions has over 25 years’ experience designing and installing commercial specialist glass. Get in touch today to discuss your ideas.


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