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Mirrors and home gyms: the perfect training partners

Installing a mirror in your home gym instantly elevates it to a serious workout space! Whatever size room, Glass & Mirror Solutions can supply a gym mirror that will help you reach your fitness goals.

Gym mirrors by Glass & Mirror Solutions

Getting the right gym mirror for you

Whilst the dimensions of the room impact the size of the gym mirror you can install, it is also worth considering who uses your home gym and for what purpose.

A gym that is used by the whole family, for instance, may need a floor-to-ceiling wall mirror to ensure that is big enough for everyone to see themselves – even the littlest ones!

Similarly, if the space is also used as a dance studio, then a mirror that covers a wall entirely will best meet your needs.

If the gym is your own private bolt hole, however, than a smaller mirror could be enough for you to observe your workout.

Glass & Mirror Solutions’ mirror specialists will measure the space and advise on the right size gym mirror to meet your particular requirements.

Gym mirrors by Glass & Mirror Solutions

Bespoke, eye-catching solutions

Like any home design solution, a gym mirror can be designed to compliment the look you want to achieve and how you intend to use your mirror.

Frameless mirrors, for example, give you the flexibility of expanding if required. By simply installing another mirror alongside, you can increase your mirrored surface, with sightlines uninterrupted by frames.

Alternatively, frames can make your mirror the eye-catching focal point of your gym, with a variety of styles to choose from.

Glass & Mirror Solutions offer a wide range of frames, as well as lighting and edging options and glass effects, such as smoked glass and antique finishes.

Get in touch with Glass & Mirror Solutions to discuss what you have in mind.

Safety first for gym mirrors

Gyms are very active spaces, which means that wall-mounted mirrors are the safest solution, keeping them out of the way of any equipment that could easily smash the mirror on impact.

What’s more, our gym mirrors can be safety backed for that extra peace of mind.

Gym mirrors by Glass & Mirror Solutions

If you require a mirror for your home gym or studio, please get in touch for a no-obligation quote.


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