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Interior glass partition walls: the perfect home working solution

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

As hybrid working becomes the norm, interior glass partition walls make living and working from home a reality...

So long, open plan

For years, open plan living was the interior design trend that everyone aspired to. When the pandemic happened, however, these shared spaces suddenly weren’t ideal with everyone stuck at home.

Whether it was five housemates trying to have five different zoom calls in the living room, or parents trying to work whilst home schooling the kids, having everyone in the same room simply didn’t work anymore.

After lockdown, many of us still work from home, whilst others have been able to switch to hybrid working. In both cases, the need for separate spaces remains.

Which is where interior glass partition walls for the home come in, giving you all of the benefits of open plan living, without the drawbacks.

Let the light flow

Interior glass partition walls provide the home with the same feeling of light and space as open plan design.

The transparency of the glass partition walls allow every room to be flooded with light; enhancing interior colour schemes, brightening rooms and making them appear more spacious.

What’s more, it can really make a difference to your energy bills when you can effectively “share” the light across the space – particularly in the darker winter months.

Heat efficiency

Talking of energy bills, open plan means trying to keep one large space warm and comfortable, which is not ideal when energy prices are so high.

Interior glass partition walls divide your home into separate spaces, meaning that you can focus your central heating efforts into one cozy room instead of the whole space.

Better acoustics

Noise and distractions are the main bugbear for anyone working from home. Interior glass partition walls will minimise noises from adjacent rooms, with acoustic glass types available.

A range of styles

Creating separate spaces doesn’t mean you have to abandon the open plan aesthetic. Indeed, frameless interior glass partition walls and doors in the home can create that clean, contemporary open-plan appearance.

Like all glass home design solutions, our interior partition walls and doors are available in a range of traditional and contemporary designs to compliment the style of your home, from quirky art deco aluminium frames, to banded glass partitions for industrial chic.

Smart glass available

If extra privacy is required, we offer switchable glass partitioning which allows you to alternate between clear and frosted glass.

Operated by remote control, our smart glass partition walls offer a modern, versatile alternative to curtains or blinds.

Enhance existing spaces

Though we have been making the case for replacing your open plan home layout with interior glass partition walls, you can also consider replacing existing solid walls and partitions with glass alternatives.

If you have rooms that would benefit from more light and connection to adjacent spaces, then installing interior glass partition walls and doors will give them a new lease of life.

Whether it’s stylishly connecting your kitchen and dining room, turning a windowless shower room into an airy en-suite or creating a home office that still allows you to keep an eye on the kids, our glass partition walls are the design solution you need.

Easy installation

Our experienced team will install interior glass partition walls in your home with minimal disruption to the rest of the house.

Designed for ease of installation and removal, the aluminium framework and glass modules can be moved around without damaging interior features.

Interior glass partition walls for the home from Glass & Mirror Solutions

With more than 30 years in the business, your home design project is in safe hands. If you are interested in interior glass partition walls for your home, get in touch today for a no-obligation quote.


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