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Glass office partitions: 5 design options for contemporary workplaces

Installing glass office partition walls can revamp or reorganise your workspace. With so many design solutions available there will be something to suit every budget and specification.

Here are our top 5 glass partition ideas to get your office looking bright, spacious and stylish:

Glass office partitions from Glass & Mirror Solutions

1. Glass office partition walls

Nothing divides office space quite like a classic glass partition wall.

Most offices these days are built with open plan working in mind, however amidst the hustle and bustle of shared working space there is often the need for more private, quiet areas.

Installing a solid or stud wall will create the separate spaces required, however this is often at the expense of the vast amounts of natural light that open plan offices provide. Indeed, with solid walls in place, artificial light sources will have to be installed, creating further expense.

Luckily, glass office partition walls are the answer! They create distinct spaces that offer privacy and quiet whist still enjoying the flow of natural light from the surrounding spaces.

Glass office partitions from Glass & Mirror Solutions

2. Glass cubicles

Sometimes a full glass partition wall is neither necessary or practical, but there is still a need for workers to have separate work spaces.

Dividing the workspace into separate cubicles with low glass partitions offers the perfect compromise. Workers are still able to enjoy the camaraderie of working alongside each other in an open plan setting, however the glass partition cubicle walls create individual working areas, allowing privacy and preventing unwanted intrusion.

Like full glass partition walls, glass cubicles also allow light to continue to flow through the office without the need for artificial lighting.

What's more, they are effective at minimising the spread of viruses such as Covid19, making the workplace safer for staff and customers.

Glass office partitions from Glass & Mirror Solutions

3. Standing glass office cubicle

If you are looking for a design solution with a big impact then you can’t go wrong with a floor to ceiling standing glass partition cubicle.

These singular glass cubicles act as completely separate spaces without having to change the structure or design of the office.

Whilst they offer the privacy, noise reduction and light flow of classic glass partitions, they are so eye catching that they also provide a stunning focal point for your office, making them ideal for senior staff or prestige meeting places.

Glass office partitions from Glass & Mirror Solutions

4. Office cabins

Existing office spaces can be given a wonderful and practical makeover by replacing the solid internal walls with glass partition walls.

These “office cabins” create a private setting whilst modernising and utilising existing space. The range of glass available gives you a wide choice of opacity and finishes, meaning that you can control the view, privacy and access to the room.

They look great too!

Glass office partitions from Glass & Mirror Solutions

5. Sliding door glass partitions

If space is an issue then look no further than a sliding door glass partition, ideal if you have a small space that you wish to convert into an office or meeting room.

Whereas hinged doors require space to swing open, sliding doors operate sideways and as a result take up less space. As with all partitions, the use of glass allows light to flow into the room, making it appear larger and airier than it actually is.

What’s more, sliding glass doors create a more private space while being very accessible. Easily locked, they also allow you to keep your space more secure and safe.

Glass office partitions from Glass & Mirror Solutions

Glass office partitions from Glass & Mirror Solutions

Available in a range of styles, including frameless, steel-framed and frosted or painted, our durable and safe glass partitions are made in toughened or toughened laminated glass.

We can also supply and install switchable smart glass partitioning and glass partitions with integral blinds, for additional but optional privacy.

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements and get a no-obligation quote.


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