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5 top tips for ordering custom glass shower doors

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Gone are the days when a grotty shower curtain not only looked a bit of an eyesore, it didn’t do a great job either. Now choosing a glass shower door can be one of the biggest style statements in your bathroom and can be one job that will refresh your whole bathroom, even if you aren’t looking to update the whole room.

When choosing your custom glass shower door there are a few things to consider, so here are some tips to make sure your choice makes the biggest impact.

1. Think about your space

There are some stunning designs available now, but they won’t necessarily work within your space. So the first thing to consider, is that your shower enclosure will actually remain a constant in your bathroom and won’t necessarily be reconfigured if you decide to make other tweaks to the room. If you are working to a small budget, work with the footprint of the shower space you already have which means you won’t have to spend money on moving fixtures and fittings. Get the professionals in to measure the space so that a glass shower door can be designed to fit your space exactly. If your measurements are out, that’s a lot of money wasted so it’s definitely a job to hand over to your chosen supplier.

A custom shower door made to fit under a sloping ceiling
A custom shower screen can be made to fit your space perfectly

2. What’s your shower style?

There are so many glass shower door styles to choose from, you are spoilt for choice. Having a bespoke glass shower door made for you will not only look more stylish, it will be more functional too. There’s again lots to consider – do you want an enclosed shower space or a walk-in shower solution? Would you prefer a sliding glass shower door or sliding, hinged or pivot doors? Think about who will be using the space – if it’s a family bathroom, your choice of glass shower door may differ than if you were choosing for an en-suite.

A custom glass shower screen in a modern bathroom with blue tiles and roll-top bath
There are lots of shower screen style options to choose from

3. Choosing the right glass

Perhaps the main thing to consider when choosing a bespoke glass shower door is the glass itself. Look for toughened glass that gives peace of mind when it comes to safety. It comes in all sorts of styles, including tinted, frosted and with decorative patterns, but by far the most popular choice in recent years is clear glass shower doors and this doesn’t look like changing any time soon.

Tinted grey glass shower screen in a contemporary monochrome bathroom
Toughened glass shower screens are available in a range of styles, including tinted

4. Added protection for your glass shower door

You may also want to think about adding in protective elements such as an Enduroshield coating which helps to repel water, making your glass shower door streak-free for longer. It will protect against water splashes, soap scum and stains. As well as keeping them cleaner for longer, adding protection will also make the glass shower door quicker and easier to clean and that is money well spent.

Soap bubbles on a glass shower door
Protective coatings like Enduroshield can help keep shower doors cleaner for longer

5. Choose the right fittings for your glass shower door

There are so many different fittings to choose from, including hinges, clamps, handles and bars. Most reputable suppliers will have a gallery of customer images or a brochure so you can see different designs in situ and decide which type of fitting you prefer (you can check out our Shower Door Hardware brochure here).

Browse design sites like Pinterest to look for unique touches, but make sure that you choose fittings that match the rest of your bathroom such as taps, flushes, and showerheads.

Find out more about ordering custom glass shower doors from Glass & Mirror Solutions here. If you're ready to go ahead and order, or would like a no-obligation quote, get in touch with our Durham sales team.

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