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Need new glass for your log burner? We can help

The glass for log burners isn’t there just for aesthetic appeal, it keeps your stove working safely and efficiently.

Cracked glass panels must be replaced and luckily Glass & Mirror Solutions now stocks replacement glass for log burners and other living flame appliances. Read on to find out more...

Why you need glass for your log burner

Log burners, enclosed fireplaces and stoves are designed to generate heat by controlling the flow of air and allowing it to circulate above the logs in the burner. The flue provides ventilation, conducting the noxious gases and safely venting them outside.

The glass in the log burner is there so you can see the beautiful flames and enjoy their warmth without choking on fumes.

How glass panels can be damaged

Although the glass for log burners and other such devices is very tough and designed to withstand high temperatures, it can still crack.

This can occur in a number of ways, such as overfiring, impact from oversized logs, wear and tear over time or accidental damage.

Why log burner glass replacement is important

If the glass for your log burner or other heating device is cracked, unwanted air could enter the burner and reduce its efficiency.

What’s more, a crack could result in the glass shattering entirely or falling out, increasing the risk of sparks or debris causing a fire.

Finally, though carbon monoxide poisoning through a faulty log burner is rare, it’s still a possibility.

If the glass for your log burner is cracked or broken, small amounts of this toxic gas could escape into the room. If the room is poorly ventilated, this could potentially have severe or even fatal health consequences.

Replacing the glass for your log burner or living flame appliance

Log burner glass replacement is relatively straightforward and, depending on the size and model of your log burner or appliance, it can be done quite cheaply.

A certified installer can complete the log burner glass replacement for you, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your appliance runs smoothly in the future.

Log burner glass replacement panels from Glass & Mirror Solutions

We now stock high performance NeoCeram ceramic glass front and side panels for log burners, enclosed heating and living flame appliances.

Thanks to NeoCeram’s stability and endurance, our ceramic glass panels are ideal for high heat intensity and high temperature applications.

Like all our design solutions, our ceramic glass panels are available in a range of styles and finishes.

Find out more about our ceramic glass for log burners.

Get in touch today

Replacing the glass for your log burner or other enclosed heating and living flame appliance is a cost-effective way of prolonging its life and ensuring it continues to operate efficiently and safely.

If the glass in your log burner, enclosed fireplace or stove is cracked and needs replacing, you or your chosen installer can contact us to discuss options and a no-obligation quote.


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