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Renovating a staircase with glass: 5 ideas to inspire you

Renovating a staircase with glass can transform a mundane, functional element of a home or commercial space into a stunning focal point.

Renovating a staircase with glass: five ideas to inspire you

Here are five exciting ideas for incorporating glass into stairs renovations:

1. Glass balustrades

Glass balustrade installations are one of the most popular ways to renovate a staircase, replacing traditional wooden or metal railings with clear or frosted glass panels.

Renovating a staircase with glass balustrades offers several benefits:


Glass balustrades give your staircase a sleek, modern look. They can make a space feel larger and more open, allowing light to flow freely throughout your home.


Despite their delicate appearance, glass balustrades from Glass & Mirror Solutions are extremely sturdy and safe!

Constructed in toughened or toughened laminated glass, they are highly resistant to impact, giving you peace of mind.

Bespoke design

Glass balustrades by Glass & Mirror Solutions can be customised with various finishes and tints to match your home’s décor.

For example, you can choose clear glass for a minimalistic look or frosted/etched glass for added privacy and style.

2. Glass treads

For a truly contemporary stairs renovation, consider replacing traditional wooden treads with glass.

Glass treads provide a unique, floating effect that can make your staircase a dramatic centerpiece.


Glass treads create an illusion of space, making them perfect for staircase renovation projects in smaller homes or spaces where you want to maintain an open feel.


By incorporating LED lighting along the edges or underneath the glass treads, you can add a stunning visual element.

This not only enhances the modern aesthetic, it also provides practical illumination for safety.


Glass treads are made from thick, toughened glass to ensure they are safe and durable for everyday use.

3. Glass risers

Not quite ready for glass treads?  If you still want to add a contemporary touch to your staircase renovation, the perfect solution might be glass risers: using glass panels for the vertical part of each step, between the treads.

Light enhancement

Glass risers help to enhance the light flow in your staircase area, making the space look brighter and more inviting.

Design flexibility

You can choose clear, frosted, or even painted glass for your risers to complement your interior design scheme.

Subtle sophistication

Glass risers add a subtle yet sophisticated touch to your staircase, maintaining the traditional wood or metal treads while adding a modern twist.

4. Frameless glass balustrades

For a staircase renovation with a truly minimalist and ultra-modern look, frameless glass balustrades are an excellent choice. This design eliminates the need for bulky frames or posts, creating a clean and seamless appearance.

Unobstructed views

Frameless glass railings offer completely unobstructed views, perfect for showcasing the architecture of your home or outdoor scenery.

Modern elegance

This type of balustrade adds a touch of modern elegance to any staircase renovation, making it a perfect fit for contemporary homes.

Easy to maintain

With no frames or posts, cleaning and maintaining frameless glass balustrades is relatively simple.

Glass & Mirror Solutions sells smear-free spray on-wipe off cleaner to keep your glass staircase renovation looking pristine. Just £5 a bottle, it can be collected from our showroom - to order yours just get in touch.

5. Glass staircase walls

For a truly epic staircase renovation, you can transform your staircase area completely by incorporating glass walls instead of traditional drywall or wooden partitions.

By enclosing the staircase in glass, this renovation project will create a striking visual effect.

Open concept

Glass walls maintain an open-plan feel while providing a barrier, perfect for homes where you want to maintain a sense of space and connectivity between rooms.

Highlighting features

Glass walls allow you to highlight the staircase itself as a feature, drawing attention to its design and materials.

Renovating a staircase with Glass & Mirror Solutions

As one of the North's leading glass suppliers, we will survey, design and install a staircase renovation to enhance the aesthetic and functional appeal of your home.

All our work is fully guaranteed, providing complete peace of mind for all our customers.

Get in touch today for a no-obligation quote.


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